We’re a small business that wants to help people and businesses in the North Texas area handle bed bug problems when they arise. That’s because we’ve dealt with that same situation ourselves. Our founder picked up bed bugs while traveling to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. We’ve tried a variety of methods for removing bed bugs from the home, and we arrived at what we believe is the safest, most effective method to get rid of bed bugs. No one wants to suffer the anxiety brought on by a bed bug infestation. We’re here to help.

We’ve Tried a Wide Range of Bed Bug Removal Tactics

After our founder brought home bed bugs in his pillow case, he and his family obviously had to get rid of a bed bug infestation. They noticed the telltale signs of red streaks on the sheets, so they chose a chemical spray to get rid of the bugs. While the chemicals killed the living bugs right away, they’re bed bug problem resurfaced a week later. Steaming didn’t work either, and the bugs returned. This time, our founder enlisted the aid of Diatomaceous earth to dry out the bugs’ skin. This very messy treatment still didn’t get rid of all the bugs. Only after heat treatment did the family see long-term results.

Heat Treatment is Safe, Proven, and Simple

We use heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs, because it is safe, proven, and simple. To heat treat an area of your home for bed bugs, you simply use a heating unit to reach a temperature beyond which bed bugs can survive (around 117 degrees Fahrenheit). Preparing the space doesn’t take a lot of extra time or work, and it doesn’t require you to expose family members and pets to harmful chemicals. The feeling you experience when you finally get rid of these pests is incredible.

Heat Treatment Also Gives the User Discretion

The other important element we wanted to consider when starting North Texas Bed Bug Solution was the user’s discretion. We rent our heating units so that you can set them up and use them on your own schedule. This also prevents you from having a truck marked “Bed Bugs” outside of your property. Commercial business owners know what a huge PR problem bed bugs can cause. The last thing you need during this stressful time is to add to your potential problems with an sign broadcasting that you’re dealing with an issue.

Explore Heat Treatment with North Texas Bed Bug Solution

Our heating units are safe and effective when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in your home or commercial property. The heating unit includes a thermometer, fan, power cords, and power distribution box. A short video thoroughly explains how to set up and use the unit. We deliver our units within a 20 mile radius of North Richland Hills. To learn more, contact North Texas Bed Bug Solution at 817-789-7049.

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