If you’ve ever experienced a bed bug infestation, or known someone who has, you understand what a problem it creates. Bed bugs can multiply quickly, growing from just a couple bugs to a full-blown nightmare. They don’t just appear inside your home — they have to find a way inside. You definitely want to do all you can to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home, and to do that, you should know where you might find bed bugs. So, in what type of environments do bed bugs live?

Bed Bugs Prefer Environments with Easy Food Sources

Some pests prefer damp environments, and some have specific temperature requirements. Bed bugs are parasitic, they feed on blood. They prefer environments where they have easy access to food sources. That means anywhere where people congregate, you can often find bed bugs.  Because they are so small, bed bugs can hide in any small crevices and spaces that give them cover. They can wait for long periods of time between feeding if necessary, giving them the ability to travel in inhospitable environments.

Bed Bugs Can Travel Into Your Home on Clothing and Pets

Bed bugs are crafty. Their small size, combined with their ability to fast for long periods of time allows them to stay mobile, which is a problem for you. If bed bugs can reach you or your possessions, they can catch a ride into your home. If you leave your luggage or clothing on the ground while staying in a new place, bed bugs can find a way in. Your pets can also carry bed bugs with them when coming back from an outing. It’s a good idea to keep luggage off the ground, and to vacuum your suitcases after you return home.

Bed Bugs Only Need Occasional Meals to Survive

Once bed bugs choose your home as their living environment, they become a real headache. The most frustrating trait that bed bugs possess is that they only need to eat every few days (up to 10 days in some cases) to survive. That means that the bugs can disappear and you can believe that your problems have been solved, only to suffer through more bites a week later.

North Texas Bed Bug Solution Can Help You Remove Bed Bugs

When you do have a bed bug problem in your home, you want to address it as soon as possible. North Texas Bed Bug Solution is here to help! We offer state-of-the-art heat treatment units that allow you to treat your home or commercial property for bed bugs. The units are easy to set up, effective, and discreet. We service Southlake, Trophy Club, North Richland Hills, and Keller, TX. To learn more about our pricing and unit pickups, contact North Texas Bed Bug Solution at 817-789-7049.

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