Facing a bed bug problem? Free your home of the infestation with our simpler, safer heat-based solution.

Residential Solutions

North Texas Bed Bug Solution provides high-quality heating units and fans that allow you to easily treat your own home for bed bugs. Set up is simple, and the heating method doesn’t require any chemicals to kill bed bugs. Best of all, you can pick up the units or have them delivered to you. This provides you with discretion and convenience.

If you do face a bed bug problem in your home, you need a discreet, effective way to get rid of these pests. You don’t want to introduce hazardous chemicals into your home, and you definitely don’t need your neighbors seeing a truck with the words “Bed Bug Treatment” parked outside. Renting a heating unit from North Texas Bed Bug Solution is the way to go.

Bed bugs can enter your home any number of ways. They may get in on your clothing, through your luggage, or even on pets. Once inside, they can proliferate and cause an infestation. Detecting these pests quickly is key to restoring a bed bug-free environment.

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