For your convenience, we offer easy-to-understand instructions on how to safely use our bed bug solution.


As part of your rental, you’ll receive a detailed set of connection and set-up instructions for the equipment. Before you receive the NTBBS equipment, here are some preliminary steps you should take to help ensure the effectiveness of the heat treatment:

  1. Do not relocate clutter from the infected room to other areas of the house as this increases your chances of spreading the bed bugs. If you are not going to throw it away (remember to dispose of it in sealed containers and place outside if you are) spread it out in the room that is going to be treated.
  2. Do not remove furniture from the room. Pull all furniture away from the walls to allow for proper air circulation.
  3. Drain waterbed mattresses to allow for airflow under the mattress.
  4. Open all drawers. If the drawers contain clothing, hang any folded clothes up. If you have too many clothes to hang, place the folded clothes in a dryer (on HIGH HEAT) for 30 minutes. Do not reintroduce the clothes back into an infested room until after using the heaters.
  5. Remove bedding. Hang large blankets and comforters over interior doors. Sheets should be washed and dried (on high heat).
  6. Evenly space hanging items in the closets.
  7. Remove any heat-sensitive items from the room (i.e. candles, crayons, make-ups, live plants, food, combustibles, fuels, pets, etc.). A good rule of thumb is if it will not survive being locked in your car in August, it won’t survive being in the room with the heaters.
  8. Seal all openings (i.e., HVAC vents, bathroom exhaust fans, cracks under doors, windows, can lights, window-mounted air conditioning units, etc.). This can be done using duct tape. In winter months, it is most effective to cover windows with blankets.
  9. If your home is protected by a fire sprinkler system, contact the installer to have the heads drained in the areas you will be treating.

After you’ve followed the above instructions, you’ll be ready to set up and use your North Texas Bed Bug Solutions equipment.

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