If you have a bed bug problem, then learn how serious the problem is and how to eliminate it simply.


Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, bed bugs are a hazard that can cause a huge disruption and plenty of discomfort. Getting rid of bed bugs quickly and discreetly is of the utmost importance.


Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on warm blood. This makes them a biohazard for anyone who experiences an infestation. While bed bugs don’t have wings, their tiny bodies and ability to run extremely fast can make them difficult to spot. In fact, they’re elusive by nature, knowing that they should remain hidden in the light. They may come out one night to feed on humans and warm-blooded pets, and then hide for the next 10 days digesting their meal. Bed bugs can multiply quickly, and failing to eliminate all of them with treatment can allow them to re-infest your home in a very short time.


Bed bugs can enter your home on your clothing, through your luggage, and on your pets. Once inside, they hide in your mattress tag, underneath your bedding, and behind your headboard. At night, these pests emerge to bite you as you sleep. If you wake up with small red bites all over you, this is likely the work of bed bugs. If you notice red, ink-like stains on your sheets or covers, this may be a sign that the pests are active.

You should seek treatment to get rid of these bed bugs as soon as possible.


When you need to eliminate bed bugs, heat treatment is the way to go. Because bed bugs die when their body temperatures reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit, heating is the most effective method for killing them. Also, it doesn’t require any potentially harmful chemicals. Our system includes using heaters to heat a residential or commercial space to well above this temperature, ensuring that the heat reaches bugs no matter where they’re hiding. This method is also quick, and time is of the essence when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. Heat treatment eliminates all bed bugs, regardless of their life cycle stage (including eggs!), and unlike chemical treatments, they can never adapt and become resilient to the excessive heat. No fumigation means no tent needs to be placed over your building, and the heaters do not leave behind chemical residues on the floor, furniture, or elsewhere. Heat treatment is 100% eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets, and won’t ruin the cherished belongings in your home.

Lethal Temperature

Time Duration

113°F / 45°C

7 Hours

118°F / 48°C

90 Minutes

122°F / 50°C

< 1 Minute

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