Our dedication to helping you enjoy a life free of bed bugs stems from our own personal experience.


Words from the Founder

One year after Hurricane Harvey, we decided to travel to Houston to help with hurricane relief. During the time we were there, we stayed at a local church in the area where – of course – I unrolled my sheets and placed my pillow on a couch. Unbeknownst to me, this couch harbored bedbugs. Unfortunately, one decided to grab a ride back home in my pillowcase. This was my introduction into the world of understanding what a bedbug is and, consequently, how to best eradicate them. One goes through a series of emotions once they discover bed bugs: fear, frustration, annoyance. After accepting the fact we did indeed have them, we were galvanized and determined to defeat them on our own. While we could have called an exterminator in (and spent thousands of dollars to do so), we decided since we are do-it-yourself-ers by nature to tackle the problem on our own.

We made a series of mistakes before finally uncovering the safest, most effective method for ridding our home of bed bugs. We started with chemical sprays from our home improvement store and wrapped our mattress with mattress protectors. I can’t tell you how excited we were after we sprayed the active bugs and watched them stop moving right before our eyes. We thought, “Easy! Problem solved!” Until shortly later we found the telltale streaks on the sheets that they had returned. We quickly learned that although the chemicals kill the live bugs, they do nothing for their eggs and can, in fact, cause the live ones to flee if you do not get them all. Problem not solved.

Onto trial number 2 – steaming – which also failed, and then trail number 3, Diatomaceous earth. We learned this dries out the bugs’ exoskeletons thus killing them. From what we learned, it’s also effective against their eggs. This time, we were off to another home improvement store to purchase and meticulously spread it around the entire room and onto the bed frame and gave it some time to work. Honestly, we weren’t concerned about the mess to come, just that it would solve our problem. After about a week of sleeping on our mattress covered with double sided tape, we decided it had been long enough so we vacuumed everything up and removed the tape. Two nights later, we were extremely disheartened to realize we were not only losing the battle with these bugs, they were outsmarting us! I also cannot emphasize enough what a mess this made. Again, problem not solved.

So, onto our final trial. If we failed this time, my wife insisted we call in a professional exterminator. After much research, we learned that bedbugs AND their eggs die in a temperature range of 117 to 127 degrees F. So, we obtained a heater and fan and went about attempting to kill the bugs with heat. We had bugs in 2 rooms in our home, one larger than the other. Unfortunately, we still ran into some roadblocks. The heater we rented didn’t come with instructions or all the necessary extension cords. After trial-and-error and a couple of trips to the local home improvement store, we finally got it set up correctly. Once the heaters reached the appropriate temperature range, we broke everything down, washed the sheets one last time, and proceeded to go to sleep, wait, and watch. It worked! Wow, I cannot tell you the elation we had knowing we could once again sleep peacefully. It is something we take for granted until it is taken away.

We decided at that time that we were going to start this business to help other individuals who find themselves in the same unfortunate situation. We decided to purchase the highest quality units on the market, and we give you all the tools necessary to eradicate bed bugs from your life.

You’re not paying thousands for a professional to spray chemicals all over your home, where you eat, sleep, live, and play. There’s no truck parked on your street with a sign that reveals to your neighbors that you’ve got a bug problem. Just a fast, easy, convenient, and affordable solution to your bed bug problem. And – most importantly – effective.

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